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PSR Industrial Flooring have over 15 years experience in understanding floor coatings, industrial flooring upgrades, industrial floor preparation, industrial floor grinding, industrial floor coatings, industrial floor painting, floor screeds, industrial floor joint repairs, industrial floor joint re-sealing, industrial flooring slabs, resin flooring and commercial flooring.

Operating worldwide, PSR Industrial Flooring's practical experience and industrial flooring technical expertise enables us to give you sound advice about your commercial flooring requirements along with a cost effective, efficient and professional industrial flooring service.

The team at PSR Industrial Flooring are fully qualified and insured and completely understand the necessity of operating safely and with minimum disruption to your company's operations.

Because PSR Industrial Flooring enjoy such a good reputation for the quality of our industrial flooring work we will be more than happy to arrange for you to visit sites we have previously worked on so that you can see the results for yourself and speak with our clients - please contact us for further information on testimonials and business references.

Industrial Flooring

For every company that requires the use of heavy duty machinery, or even for companies that would like to impress visitors to their building, a crucial feature is the company buildings’ commercial flooring. Buildings are built to last a lifetime and that should also include the buildings’ flooring, so it is imperative that industrial buildings utilise industrial floorings and commercial flooring constructed in accordance with building standards regulations.
All of our industrial flooring, resin flooring and commercial flooring products and procedures strictly adhere to the highest recognised building standards for construction and durability.

In order to increase the lifespan of your floor it is imperative that it is given some degree of protection. One such protection is through Floor Coating, this is a process where the existing floors are coated with chemical compounds in order to preserve the design of your commercial flooring, and to make the floor a lot more durable. Floor coating also enables your commercial flooring to be significantly more slip-resistant giving protection to both your employees and visitors to your site.

Floor Screeds

Floor Screeding is a process that requires accuracy and precision as it involves the precise levelling of floor surfaces. The process involves the laying of accurately measured and leveled strips on a wall or a floor to serve as a guide for applying coating or cement. Due to the importance of an accurately levelled floor PSR Industrial Flooring offers a floor screeding services that is unmatched in its precision. We use highly accurate measuring equipment that is operated by a highly skilled and motivated technical team. You can be assured that your industrial floor screeding will be installed with the utmost precision.

Floor Coatings

PSR Industrial Flooring specialise in floor coatings and non-slip floor coatings, demarcation line marking & warehouse floor walkways for commercial flooring. Good preparation is key prior to any application and PSR Industrial Flooring are at the cutting edge of this technology. PSR Industrial Flooring specialise in Epoxy High Build, Water Dispersible, Epoxy Resin & Polyurethane industrial floor coatings - all of which are available in any RAL or BS Colours.

Industrial Flooring Joint Repairs

Arris joint repairs are required after flooring construction joint failure. Construction joint failure is typical in most concrete floors and can cause serious and expensive damage to forklift trucks as well as becoming a health and safety issue.

The replacement of the floor joint is carried out quickly and effectively by saw cutting and breaking out the damaged area and filling with a specialist repair mortar. The joint is then cut back through with a 5mm cut and then sealed with a specialist sealant and left smooth with no transition over the repair. Our industrial flooring joint repair system is tried and tested over many years and has proved to be very successful and long lasting.

Concrete Flooring Repairs

Concrete, though considered to be one of the strongest material in the field of construction, is still susceptible to damage due to wear and tear, or corrosion through the action of corrosive materials. In the presence of corrosive agents concrete floors can be constantly under attack, which can lead to the expensive process of reconstructing the entire floor.

PSR Industrial Flooring offers a more cost-efficient alternative: conducting concrete repairs on the specific areas of your floor that have become corroded or been damaged by wear and tear. Concrete floor repairs are highly cost efficient when compared to expensive and disruptive concrete floor reconstruction or replacement.

Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is durable, easy to clean, non-dusting , slip resistant and chemically resistant. Resin flooring is easy to clean and maintain, resulting in very little waste of funds or time fixing any problems that poor quality flooring can bring.

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Recent Case Studies

Kingsgate Shopping Centre
Kingsgate Shopping Centre is the in the Heart of our hometown Huddersfield and we were delighted when we recently won a contract that was part of their half a million pound Car Park Rejuvenation project this summer. Read More

Olympic Park
Six week project timescale to return floors of the International Broadcast Centre used for the London 2012 Olympic and Special Olympic Games to a rejuvenated state ready for new use. Read More

David Browns Ltd, Huddersfield
PSR Industrial Flooring were awarded the contract, directly from David Browns, to upgrade the floor at the premises where the gears for the turbines are to be engineered.Read More

Treves UK, Knaresborough
PSR were awarded their fourth contract with Treves to upgrade the main shopfloor working area where products are manufactured.Read More

Norwegian Seals Ltd, Leeds
Firstly, PSR with specialised diamond grinding equipment prepared an old greasy engineering floor of approximately 400m2, applied 2 separate colours of a 2 coat High Build epoxy system and added demarcation lines.Read More

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